Blog is go! Welcome, friend!

The Herbivore blog hath sprung forth! We are here to share, chat and build a positive community! We welcome your comments, ideas, emojis and smiles.

We’ve been missing our community since the pandemic began. We used to have so many fun and meaningful interactions with our fans, friends, and customers either in our store, or at the dozens of events we would attend each year. Things sure have changed, and we miss those interactions so we are hoping to build a little community right here.

In that spirit, we will be posting a couple of times a week, responding to comments, and keeping things friendly and supportive. Thanks for keeping up with us!

-Josh, Michelle, Krysti, and Cleo

Tofu 101: Part 2. How To Cook Herbivore’s Go-To Tofu

HEY TEAM! Here we go, our second video about TOFU. We published this on YouTube and Instagram in March but of course forgot to put it here. Silly us! There are so many places and apps and sites to update…..sometimes we forget to update everything! Regardless, we are hopeful that you have watched this little […]

Tofu 101 – Types of Tofu

My mom will tell anyone who listens that I am a good cook because I can even make tofu taste good. *sigh* I know she thinks that is a compliment… but DAMN, woman! Do not insult tofu! ANYONE can make it delicious. It’s not news that people love to hate tofu. It’s a knee-jerk negative […]

New Defend Wonder Cards!

I’m having a blast in our little studio making screen printed cards and art. It’s a lovely escape during these rough times. I printed up two new cards last week and made a little process video. The cards are available on our site right now, hope you like them! Oh, a quick note! I call […]

Vegan Trail Mix Cookies

Hey palz!It’s the Holidaze and it’s cookie time! We prepped a couple of batches of these beauties last night for Ruby’s tutor and teachers. These cookies HAVE IT ALL. They are sweet and salty, full of nuts, can be GF so darn easily and they are adaptable as hell! What nuts or seeds and dried […]


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