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Tofu 101 – Types of Tofu

My mom will tell anyone who listens that I am a good cook because I can even make tofu taste good. *sigh* I know she thinks that is a compliment… but DAMN, woman! Do not insult tofu! ANYONE can make it delicious.

It’s not news that people love to hate tofu. It’s a knee-jerk negative reaction to a food that standard American diet folks can easily espouse, because it confirms what they want to believe. Tofu is gross and meat is not. Sorta like loving bacon. Everyone says it, so it must be true? Ummm…. vegans do make bacon out of everything, don’t we? Hmmm…..


Tofu. If you are mystified by it or find it difficult to prepare, let’s get to the bottom of it. All you may need is some education and some practice. Let’s go.

The first thing you need to know are the most typical types of tofu. Here they are, most easily recognized by their packaging:

• Aseptic packaged tofu like this is mostly used for desserts and creamy sauces. It is silken or soft, and not the right kind of tofu to make nuggets or strips.

• Shrink wrap packaging is like this kind you can find at Trader Joe’s. It’s great for grilling, cubing, etc. It is VERY firm and will not make a creamy sauce!

• Finally, the tofu I use the most is the water packed kind like this from Portland’s Ota Tofu. It comes in soft, medium, firm and extra firm. I most often use the extra firm variety. The difference between these tofu types is the amount of water in them. Silken has a high water content, extra firm the least amount of water. The more water the softer the tofu will be. The less water, the firmer it will be.

Check out the video for me to show you a little more about the packaging and types of tofu. Next video? HOW TO COOK IT!!!


By Michelle Schwegmann

Hi! I am Michelle. I am 1/2 of the creator of Herbivore and 1/2 of the creator of Ruby! Ha. I love to cook, I love veganism, learning, making mistakes and making food for people. I am a talker. I'll keep you way longer than you intended. Give me five minutes and I'll tell you all about Portland and this gorgeous Oregon home of ours. I'm all about the beach. Let's GO!

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