Tofu 101 – Types of Tofu

My mom will tell anyone who listens that I am a good cook because I can even make tofu taste good. *sigh* I know she thinks that is a compliment… but DAMN, woman! Do not insult tofu! ANYONE can make it delicious. It’s not news that people love to hate tofu. It’s a knee-jerk negative […]

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New Defend Wonder Cards!

I’m having a blast in our little studio making screen printed cards and art. It’s a lovely escape during these rough times. I printed up two new cards last week and made a little process video. The cards are available on our site right now, hope you like them! Oh, a quick note! I call […]

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Vegan Trail Mix Cookies

Hey palz!It’s the Holidaze and it’s cookie time! We prepped a couple of batches of these beauties last night for Ruby’s tutor and teachers. These cookies HAVE IT ALL. They are sweet and salty, full of nuts, can be GF so darn easily and they are adaptable as hell! What nuts or seeds and dried […]

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Schwegmann Family Stuffing

TRUTH: It’s all about this stuffing. Or dressing…. Whatever you want to call it is fine with me! As long as you make enough to enjoy for days. My typical childhood featured this dish at every fall holiday celebration. It’s one of the most memorable foods from my childhood and it’s popularity has persisted with […]

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Ruby Roth collab/interview!

We have adored Ruby Roth and her artwork for many years. We’ve wanted to collaborate forever and we finally made it happen! We launched a line of clothing, water bottles, onesies, stickers, pennants, and more. Perfect for kids age 1 to 100! Ruby was kind enough to share a few minutes of her time with […]

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Vegan Holiday Wellington

This is what you’ll want to make for your very first vegan Thanksgiving dinner, and every Thanksgiving dinner after that, too. It’s hearty comfort food with all the best flavors of the season. Serve it with the usual trimmings and you’ll be more thankful than ever that you went vegan. Don’t forget about the slaw […]

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Simple Gravy!

It’s October, which means that November and December are next. You gotta get your holiday cooking game in tip-top shape! Over the next weeks we will share some of our most favorite holiday (and any day, really) comfort food recipes. We all need a little extra right now, wouldn’t you say? First up? GRAVY. Yes, […]

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Breakfast Sausage

I am savory breakfast 10000000000%. Savory with a bit of maple syrup and some hot sauce, to be honest. Of course I buy ready made sausages and burgers, but dang if making it myself isn’t better! And the very best breakfast sausage recipe out there is by the one and only, Miyoko Schinner. Miyoko is […]

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