Breakfast Sausage

I am savory breakfast 10000000000%. Savory with a bit of maple syrup and some hot sauce, to be honest. Of course I buy ready made sausages and burgers, but dang if making it myself isn’t better! And the very best breakfast sausage recipe out there is by the one and only, Miyoko Schinner. Miyoko is […]

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Our Racial Justice Fundraiser!

So, if you follow us at all, anywhere, you have surely heard of our racial justice fundraiser. We have been working on this for the past couple of months, from contacting the artists to arranging the various prints to setting up the website for presales, to finding all the blank shirts we need, to choosing […]

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The Vegan Schwegg

The Food We Ate To Survive A Pandemic Hello out there! Welcome to my very first blog post for our Vegan High Five blog. If you have been a reader of our High Five emails or have watched any of our Instagram stories since March, you are likely aware that I have a VERY intense […]

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